El Valle Golf Resort: A Haven of Community Spirit, Charity, and Year-Round Golfing

There is no doubt that on El Valle we have one of the best loved and most challenging courses in the region.

The El Valle Golf Club meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays and regularly fields teams in competitions around Murcia and as far afield as the Valencian League. The high temperatures of the summer months may make the game more challenging but a golf buggy, umbrella and plenty of fluids can help. 

For the keen golfer, nothing can come in the way of the game as could be seen by the large number who enjoyed two competitions in August. First up was the Charity Shield Golf Competition that took place during the annual El Valle Community Charity Week. Together with all of the other events held during that week, more than €7,000 was raised for a local charity that focuses on young people with Asperger Syndrome – ASPERMUR

Three Day Cup Sparks Community Spirit and Charity Success

August also saw the launch of a new three-day competition - the Copa del Tres Días (Three Day Cup) based on the Ryder Cup format. This was a competition between owners living permanently on site and those who visit from time to time. And what a great success the event was with the Permanent Residents winning the trophy but the real winner being the community spirit the event generated.

The competition raised an amazing €4,000 for a local Murcian charity – Aidemar and already there are plans being put in place for next year’s competition, with the event moving to September.

Upcoming Events at El Valle Golf Club

El Valle Golf Club is buzzing with excitement as it prepares for two upcoming competitions:

  • Annual Stableford Competition on October 28
  • Presidents Trophy Community Event on November 25

Embrace the Autumn Golf Season

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy a round of golf at El Valle, with temperatures finally beginning to drop below 30°C. The course is particularly popular during the autumn, winter, and spring seasons.

While the wintry weather in Northern Europe often results in course closures due to adverse conditions, the sun still shines in Murcia. This warm sunshine attracts groups from Northern Europe, particularly Scandinavia, who fly south like snowbirds to enjoy the facilities at El Valle. Here, every day is a golf day!


In the heart of Murcia, under the sun's warm embrace, El Valle Golf Club stands as a testament to the spirit of community, competition, and love for the game. Here, every swing is a story, every hole a memory, and every day a chance to play. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, a seasoned golfer or a beginner, El Valle is more than a golf club - it's a home away from home, a place where every day is a golf day. So, come join us, because at El Valle, we don't just play golf, we live it!

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